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Choose the county you live in to see specific wind zones for that area. The statewide map is only a general guideline for Florida wind zones. Each county has its own specific wind guidelines.
Broward and Dade counties have not registered individual maps, but are in wind zones above 130 mph and require the Extreme Weather line of skylights to meet building code requirements.
Holmes, Gadsden, Leon, Madison, Suwanee, Union, Polk and Glade counties are also not represented, but are in wind zones less than 120 mph. Our standard line of skylights will meet building code requirements in these areas.

Extreme Weather
Skylights and Tubes

These high impact & wind velocity units are available for 120 mph (or greater) wind zones. We offer the widest and most complete range of hurricane, tornado, high velocity and impact units of any skylights manufacturer. These skylights will satisfiy all other zones.

Hurricane Self-flashing skylights (HSF)
The HSF is an impact rated double dome skylight that comes ready to install without the need of built-in curb. Select HSF for approval in Miami Dade building code areas. Comes with an attrative bronze aluminum frame, 5 1/2" curb, flat flange.Complete assembled with flat flange and no need for self built curb. Suitable for any roofing surface with a hot-mopped application or asphalt shingle with a minimum 3:12 pitch. Miami Dade Approval #11-0104.09.

Sun-Tube Curb Mount(STTCM)
Choose the STTCM for curb mounted applications. The CM Tube has passed the most stringent wind and impact tests of any product on the market and is approved for any wind excess of 270 mph!
Curb Mounted tubular skylights requires self built curb with flashing. Use on any type roof, flat or pitched. Miami Dade Approval #09-0422-01.


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14 1/2" x 30 1/2" Hurricane Self-flashing Skylight
$399.00 $279.00 30% off
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22 1/2" x 22 1/2" Hurricane Self-flashing Skylight
$329.00 $229.00 30% off
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22 1/2" x 30 1/2" Hurricane Self-flashing Skylight
$499.00 $349.00 30% off
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22 1/2" x 46 1/2" Hurricane Self-flashing Skylight
$399.00 $369.00 8% off
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10" Curb Mounted Tubular skylight
$349.00 $249.00 29% off
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14" Curb Mounted Tubular skylight
$379.00 $349.00 8% off
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